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Hotels Convention Offers Exceptional Hotel Event Management for Everything from “Single Venue” to “Citywide Conventions” – Best of All, Our Industry-Leading Hotel Event Planning is Absolutely Free! 

We know your organization (large or small) will appreciate our “best in the business” hotel block management & event planners – enthusiastic and success-driven men and women who love what they do. At Hotels Convention, what we do is ensure that smaller-sized to citywide conventions are always exciting, successful, and that every guest receives the lowest possible  hotel group rate. When it comes to hotel event planning or hotel event management on any scale, nobody does it better than Hotels Convention, and (hold on to your citywide convention party hats) our unsurpassed brand of hotel event planning is absolutely free! 

Top Quality Hotels, Guaranteed Lowest Hotel Group Rates and So Much More 

We know your organization will appreciate the hard and very smart work of our leading hotel event planning and hotel event management experts, all of whom have helped to make Hotels Convention one of the nation’s fastest-growing hotel event planning companies, specializing in hotel block management of its kind. Our success is the direct result of a commitment to outstanding, single venue event management, as well as our comprehensive planning for citywide conventions with thousands of people in attendance. In other words, Hotels Convention is the “very best” in event hotel management, and it’s free! 

They say “When you love what you do, you never work a day in your life”, which is why our hotel event planners can’t wait to start their day by making single location or citywide conventions everything those future events should be and so much more. From famous name hotels offering the lowest hotel group rates to supplied food services to entertainment to transportation to parking to, well, you name it, when it comes to initial event planning to ongoing and real-time hotel event management, Hotels Convention simply can’t be beat. 

Our Hotel Event Management “Team” Always Hits the Ground Running! 

We’re well-known from coast to coast for our meeting planners “team” approach to facilitating every event in every city across the nation. Our hospitality team takes charge of every hotel convention detail, and it doesn’t get more budget-friendly than our “absolutely free” brand of exceptional hotel event planning for single location or expansive, citywide conventions. To state it plainly, Hotels Convention has your organization’s hotel event management covered from A to Z! Of course we love what we do, and below are just a few of the ways we do it:

  • Citywide Conventions Require “Citywide Hotel Event Management” – When it comes to large conventions that sprawl across a city, we said our hotel event planners are among the best in the business and we mean it – in addition to countless other duties, our hotel event management team will always guarantee your organization the lowest hotel group rates with no compromise in accommodation quality 
  • Comprehensive Event Planning – They say the “devil is in the details”, and at Hotels Convention we provide every organization with their personal “Hospitality Host” who serves as a single and convenient contact for your organization’s very precise, hotel event management needs 
  • Fantastic and Unbeatable Event Management Savings – From the lowest hotel group rates to every aspect of smaller-sized or citywide conventions, our expert hotel meeting planners consistently strive to make your event hotel management as cost-effective as possible 
You owe it to yourself, your organization’s members and its budget to make Hotels Convention your one and only hotel event planning service. Contact us today – we’re absolutely certain you’ll be very glad you did! 1-855-250-3052. * Event Planning and Hotel Block Management through our Hotel Blocks Department. 



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